Our vision, values and approach to sustainability


New Zealanders trust us to keep them energised and connected

Our 2030 Vision:

  • We will be the number one provider of smart utility solutions within New Zealand’s low emission economy, which will be both highly electrified and digitised. We will thrive in a marketplace in which sustainability matters, and where generating electricity at our homes and businesses – and trading it within our communities – is commonplace.
  • We will be a household name from Kaitaia to Bluff due to our success, and the way we consistently innovate to meet our customers’ evolving needs.
  • We will diversify, enhance and increase our asset base to embrace a low carbon economy.
  • We will be a utility-based technology business that leverages artificial intelligence, digital services, smart and automated products to deliver value to all stakeholders. Our service delivery will be the benchmark other companies aspire to.
  • Partnerships will be our way of doing business – with iwi, local environmental groups, our network operators, local business and the innovators we may collaborate with to differentiate our bundle of services and expand our reach into new services. Our relationships will deliver enduring benefits.
  • Our people, passionate about our success, will thrive in a unique collaborative digital working environment. Diversity, curiosity, openness and trust are key to the success of the team into the future.
  • From our home territory in the Western Bay of Plenty, and from metropolitan areas to small rural towns, we will be looked up to for our total contribution to our local communities. We will be genuinely there to help our neighbours. Our total societal impact will be a cohesive, interdependent story essential to our bottom line. We will be known for contributing to society in specific ways.
  • Our success will create prosperity for New Zealand’s environment and its people.


Our Values

Our values encapsulate who we are, how we are and how we do things. They guide us and underpin all the work we do. We have recently refreshed our set of values to ensure they reflect the way we work.

The world is facing an uncertain future, and the way Trustpower moves into the future will require adaptability and speed to make sure we are well positioned to continue to succeed. While our strategic focus or business opportunities may change, we will continually drive decisions from our values, call upon our embedded values to make the required changes, and hold on to our values to come out the other side still “us”.

They are:

Peoplepeople-centric decision-making
Integrityconstantly checking our moral compass
Couragecreating opportunities
Open/transparentbeing trusting and trusted
Collaborationdiversity of thought making everything richer
Adaptablethe ability to pivot and adapt, whatever the focus.


Our Approach to Sustainability

Last year we took an opportunity to revisit what sustainability means at Trustpower. When this project started the intention was to document and represent the existing activities we were undertaking that contributed to sustainability, and tell this story within our annual report.

The project unearthed a real desire internally for sustainability to be more than just a story telling exercise, and an appetite for Trustpower to take a genuine and authentic approach to making a difference.

To capture this energy we developed a framework that identifies what sustainability currently looks like at Trustpower, and what some key areas are to focus on into the future. It adopts a holistic approach that requires consideration of social, environmental, and financial pillars. In keeping with our values, it recognises that partnerships are critical for the success within these pillars.

This work represents an ongoing conversation around sustainability at Trustpower, with the next steps implementing and integrating it throughout the business. Our intention is to foster our culture of sustainability, and to develop the business capability to make better decisions based on our societal impact.

We have identified and aligned our aspirations with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These goals are recognised throughout business both in New Zealand and globally.

We are leaders in New Zealand’s transition to a low emissions future.

Short-term goals:

Trustpower will gather the data necessary to report annually on its carbon footprint (scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions). We are currently working on setting short, medium and long-term carbon reduction targets that Trustpower will commit to.

Introduce climate change considerations, risk assessment and adaptation into our Asset Management processes.

Medium-term targets:

Our initiatives will focus on reducing air travel and road-related emissions, including increasing our use of electric vehicles.

Alignment with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

Take urgent action to
combat climate change
and its impacts.


Trustpower recognises the need to protect the long-term health of and access to New Zealand’s fresh water.

Through partnering with communities, we are delivering projects to ensure New Zealand’s ecosystems and biodiversity continue to thrive. This includes identifying environmentally sensitive areas around our generation assets.

Short-term goals:

We will partner with local or national native flora or fauna programmes. We will identify environmentally sensitive areas around our generation assets and establish community-based environmental initiatives around them.

Medium-term targets:

Our activities do not create or present a risk of land or water pollution.

Alignment with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

Make human settlements
inclusive, safe, resilient
and sustainable
Conserve and sustainably
use marine resources for
sustainable development.


Trustpower aims to be the company that people want to work with and work for. We want to positively influence our communities, and help build resilient and sustainable societies and economies. We will celebrate cultural diversity, create career and business opportunities and support environmental projects.

Short-term goals:

We are developing people through cross-functional work, leadership development and skills training programmes. We will listen to our people and establish diversity and inclusion targets. We will improve safety and wellbeing reporting and investigation, and grow community partnerships.

Medium-term targets:

Successful collaborative projects that contribute to a cleaner and smarter New Zealand.

Alignment with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable
economic growth, full and productive
employment and decent work for all
Make human settlements
inclusive, safe, resilient
and sustainable.


We are committed to helping New Zealand meet its climate change aspirations through continued investment in clean renewable energy.

Trustpower contributes to the country’s economic prosperity. Our digital mindset creates engagement and excitement amongst our key stakeholders, creating sustainable competitive advantage. Through products and services we help our customers make better decisions around managing their energy and internet use. Trustpower continues to provide reliable products and services that cater to different needs in a rapidly changing world.

Short-term goals:

We will implement our asset management plan and execute value-add projects. We will positively contribute to addressing customer hardship and the digital divide in the community. We will establish a code of conduct for our procurement processes and support our customer acquisition strategies through established partnerships.

Medium-term targets:

New renewable generation opportunities identified and executed.

Alignment with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

Ensure access to affordable,
reliable, sustainable and
modern energy for all
Build resilient infrastructure,
promote inclusive and sustainable
industrialisation and foster innovation
Reduce inequality
within and among
Ensure sustainable
consumption and
production patterns.