Our Skills & Expertise

The skills and expertise, organisational processes and structures and the collective knowledge held by our people are the intangible assets that contribute to Trustpower’s success. Our business is full of talented people with developed and diverse skillsets. Expanding on these talents, we have been building capability to continue to succeed
in a rapidly changing environment, focusing on leadership at all levels and being able to work with change to release our potential.

Leading through Change

The industries we work in have evolved from well-defined, slower-changing worlds where we had control (and change and competition were easily foreseeable), to fast-moving highly competitive worlds where change is disruptive and hard to predict.

To succeed in possible future states, we need to build certain capabilities and resilience among our people. We need both technical capability as well as people-centric and cross-functional understanding.

We see success being achieved by fostering the following for our people:
  • We are agile and adapt to the changing environment.
  • We develop effective relationships and leverage them to create value.
  • We are authentic, consistent communicators who are aware of our impact on others.
  • We identify opportunity and risk and act to create value.
  • We energise and authorise our people to achieve high performance.
  • We seek new knowledge to create future value.
We see success being achieved by fostering the following mindsets in our people:
  • Authentic values-based leadership engages people.
  • We are competing for the future.
  • Focused collaboration achieves better business outcomes.
  • We embrace risk to increase shareholder value; we speak up if it’s not working.
  • Knowledge is a competitive advantage.

For the past seven years we have run a learn-through-doing leadership programme named Leading our Future. We are currently refreshing our programme to ensure we have the people to lead us to the opportunities and through the challenges of the future.

Change is the Constant

Trustpower’s strategic review announced in January 2021 sees our people greet a new year with another layer of complexity. We have a dedicated people team that is focused on helping our people to manage transitions and prepare for any eventuality.

Future Focus

  • Continue to build longterm relationships with stakeholders. We will do this by data collection and analysis and through listening to their views, understanding their motivators and subsequently meeting their needs.
  • Further develop a continuous learning culture to build the capabilities required which will fulfil our aspirations.
  • Continue to challenge ourselves to redefine what good leadership and individual purpose looks like.
  • Continue to foster collaboration and develop tools and opportunities for people to leverage diverse ideas and skillsets.