Our Relationships

Trustpower’s legendary customer service is award-winning. Trustpower gets to know its customers and their needs, and quickly solves any problems.

Trustpower is harnessing the power of digital technology to make life even easier for its customers

When people need or want to contact Trustpower, it is a quick, easy and seamless process using the communications channel of the customer’s choice. They can email, message through Facebook, phone the contact centre or use web chat to communicate in real time with a human. Web chat conversations outstripped telephone traffic for the first time as the COVID-19 pandemic escalated in late March 2020.

Many of the easier transactions are handled by an artificially intelligent ‘chat bot’, Toni, who helps customers navigate the online self-service knowledge base and Trustpower’s award-winning mobile app.

The app was launched in 2017 and is now active on more than 90,000 devices. The app’s growing list of functions includes online bill payments, due date notifications, faults and outages alerts, usage history and LPG bottle ordering. A track and trace feature helps customers navigate the complex journey to connecting to fibre.

Giving customers the option to use digital channels means that Trustpower can keep waiting times as short as possible and free up humans to deal with more complicated problems. More than 78% of all customer contacts are now serviced by our non-staffed channels, with customer satisfaction on par with those enjoyed by our staffed channels.

Customer accounts are proactively reviewed regularly to ensure they are on the right plans and do not incur any unnecessary charges. Digital billing has avoided 5.9 million paper bills since 2017.

We have begun a three year smart metering deployment programme with our Australia-based partners Intellihub and more than 46,000 have been installed so far.

Trustpower has recognised and rewarded volunteers from around the country for more than 25 years through the Trustpower Community Awards and Youth Community Spirit Awards.

Trustpower has recently shifted its focus from the volunteer sector to community and environmental initiatives centred on its power schemes. Trustpower is working in partnership with local organisations and groups to support meaningful change and create a positive impact on the communities we operate in.

Every community is different, and our site teams are uniquely placed to connect with and support initiatives, projects and events that engage these communities. In November, we celebrated the 75th anniversary of the Cobb Power Station with a community open day. We partnered with the Tuariki Marae and other local organisations to host an 8 km fun run from the Matahina Dam in October. We also sponsored community events in our “home town” of Tauranga, including the Trustpower Photographic Exhibition and the Trustpower Tauranga Christmas Parade.

Trustpower will add new products and services if they are identified as right for our customers. Our commitment to excellent customer service will not waver. We are committed to leveraging customer insights to drive automated services, while ensuring we provide personalised assistance in the moments that matter. We will work with our industry partners and the regulators to ensure they continue to improve their processes to improve our customers’ experience.

It is important for us to have genuine and mutually beneficial partnerships with the communities near our power generation schemes, and in our office locations of Tauranga and Oamaru.


Toni to the rescue

A virtual assistant is helping Trustpower customers navigate their services in the digital world. Toni, Trustpower’s chatbot, is a trustworthy advisor who can quickly and efficiently assist with common queries regarding balances, payments and products. She operates across Trustpower’s website and app and can forward customers to human help if required.