Our People

Trustpower’s strength is in its diverse mix of people and its strong leadership culture. We are focusing on developing our leaders to build our future capacity. We also have a strong safety culture, where risks are identified, controlled where possible and mitigated when required.

Trustpower’s team is characterised by an openness and willingness to share.

People are encouraged to ask questions and offer ideas or opinions, regardless of their position, discipline, experience or department. Old, traditional methods are challenged and people are encouraged to take on extra responsibilities and develop their roles. This allows people to look at the whole and think strategically.

“Fast business improvement” facilitators help the business find solutions to challenging change management problems. Cross-functional teams look at wider industry developments and trends. Leadership programmes operate at all levels of the organisation, encouraging “learning by doing”.

Trustpower’s approach leads to innovation, integration of mixed ideas, fresh concepts and inter-department collaboration – all considered essential to the company’s future success in a rapidly changing world.

Trustpower has recently redesigned its remuneration and performance management framework to ensure it reflects the qualities and skills highly-prized by the company, as well as offering greater flexibility. The review also ensured that any gender-related pay discrepancies were identified and rectified.

A wide range of benefits are made available to Trustpower employees, including annual flu vaccinations, fully subsidised life and trauma insurance, discounted medical insurance and income protection and flexible working options.

Trustpower has also made significant progress in implementing health and safety improvements and boosting the safety culture. We have focused on the roles and responsibilities of leaders, health and safety representatives and, most importantly, workers in taking a shared responsibility to keep safe. Reporting of hazards, incidents and near misses has increased following the recent implementation of a new incident management system.

Our systems were put to the test as the COVID-19 pandemic response unfolded in March. Working groups were quickly formed to address the need for additional protective equipment and cleaning, and the wellbeing of our people. We also swiftly developed safety guidance for our workers and contractors in the field.

As the world of work changes, Trustpower is offering greater flexibility in order to attract and retain talent.

The safety of our staff and contractors is an ongoing focus. We seek direct and continuous feedback on the processes and support our people need to keep safe in changing and challenging situations every day, from remote work at isolated generation sites to dealing with dogs when meter reading.


Apollo programme

The new Apollo programme gives participants a taste of working across the business while developing their leadership skills and technical capability. It differs from traditional graduate programmes in that it is open to non-graduates too and a broad range of attributes are considered.

Leading our Future

Trustpower is preparing its people for the future by fostering leadership in all parts of the organisation.