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8 simple ways to reduce the amount of power you use

Possible saving


Energy saving light bulbs
Replacing a 100 Watt incandescent bulb with a 24 Watt compact fluorescent bulb.



Stand-by mode
Do you know New Zealanders waste more than $100 million per year by leaving appliances on stand-by mode.  We recommend switching your appliances off at the wall.



The average household spends 11% of their energy bill on refrigeration alone.  If you have a second fridge with nothing in it – switch it off and save!



Heated towel rail
Use a heated towel rail timer and get toasty warm towels for less. Set it for eight hours a day rather than leaving it on continuously.



Washing machine
Try using cold water to wash your clothes; for houses doing four or more loads a week this uses 75% less electricity.



Hot water cylinder
By insulating your hot water cylinder with a cylinder wrap your hot water will stay warmer for longer.



Utilise other methods to dry your washing. Either the sun or drying racks.



Good insulation and efficient heaters (including modern wood and pellet burners, ENERGYSTAR heat pumps, and 4+ star rated flued gas heaters) make it easier and cheaper to heat your home to healthy and comfortable temperatures.


How much power do your appliances really use?

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The 10 worst power wasters


A faulty ajax valve
If you have hot water leaking onto your roof, or drains, chances are your ajax valve is faulty. Your local Plumber can help assist you with this.


Leaking hot water taps
One leaking hot tap can use around $40 in unnecessary power throughout the year. This can be solved quickly by replacing the washers in your taps.


Hot water too hot
Water that’s over 60 degrees celsius when it comes out of the tap is too hot and uses excess power. Your local electrician can adjust your thermostat.


Inefficient use of heaters
Timers are helpful to avoid wasting excess energy on heating.


A lack of insulation
Ceiling and underfloor insulation can help reduce heat loss by over 50%. A well-insulated home costs less to cool and heat.


Poorly ventilated laundry
Ensure your laundry is well ventilated, this improves the air quality when using your dryer.


Extra high shower pressure
Hold a 2L ice-cream container to your shower head. If it fills in 15 seconds consider getting a low-flow shower head fitted.


Faulty oven thermostats
Faulty temperature controls can waste power and will soon cost you more than having the thermostat replaced.


Inefficient use of hot water
Put the plug in the sink when rinsing items or use cold water.


Worn door seals
Fridges, freezers and ovens with worn door seals use unnecessary power. Most appliance centres supply and fit replacement seals.

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