Our Knowledge

Trustpower has disrupted the energy industry by offering a one-stop-shop for its customers – an approach more commonly used in retailing than in the home electricity market. Trustpower bundles together power, internet, phone and gas into one convenient bill.

In a highly competitive market, Trustpower has taken a fresh approach, taking the opportunity to become a genuine retailer and offering customers a range of products with the convenience of single billing.

Trustpower is building ‘insight-led’ relationships with its customers, which means it combines data from multiple sources to understand consumer attitudes, behaviours and needs. This approach reflects the fact that today’s customers want more than just a fair price.

Underpinning the retail strategy is an unwavering belief in excellent customer service. The result is market-leading loyalty. Over three quarters of customers signing up elect to take two or more services. The more services they purchase, the better value they get and the more likely they are to stay with Trustpower. Many customers are also prepared to sign multi-year contracts.

Our customer-centric approach came to the fore as the COVID-19 emergency rapidly developed. We received an unprecedented number of customer enquiries as we rapidly progressed through the response levels to Level 4 lockdown. Our customer service team was able to manage most of them through digital channels and from home. The team proactively completed over 10,000 wellness checks on our critical customers and those who were the most vulnerable, and will repeat this as appropriate.

Trustpower’s Solar Buddies is the largest peer-to-peer electricity trading platform in New Zealand.

Solar Buddies allows people with solar panels to sell or gift their excess electricity to family, friends, organisations or charities.

The unique peer-to-peer exchange is easy to use and any power left over after it is distributed to “buddies” is purchased by Trustpower.

Solar Buddies was conceived and championed by a small team from across Trustpower that is passionate about solar and wanted to create a win-win for customers and the business.

We continued to expand the range of products and services available to our customers, such as the addition of wireless broadband. This will appeal to many of Trustpower’s regional customers who cannot access high speed fibre services. It will give those customers better access to Trustpower’s core New Zealand-wide carrier grade internet service provider network and enables our customer service teams to tailor a package that best suits our customer needs.

Trustpower continues to explore new products to add to the existing bundles, as well as innovative ways to deliver services. Trustpower is building long-term relationships with its customers by listening to their views, understanding their behaviour and addressing their needs.